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Maanantai 18.5.2020

REHVA Annual Meeting 202018.5.2020 - online meeting

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Sunnuntai 6.9.2020

NSB 2020 Building Physics Conference 6.9.2020 - 9.9.2020 - Tallinn, Estonia

Heat, air and moisture transfer in buildings, and building physics related aspects in microbiology, building services and energy performance

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Maanantai 14.9.2020

IAQ 2020: Indoor Environmental Quality Performance Approaches14.9.2020 - 16.9.2020 - Athens, Greece
Conference organized by ASHRAE and AIVC. 

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Tiistai 29.9.2020

Nordbygg 202029.9.2020 - 2.10.2020 - Stockholmsmässan

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Keskiviikko 7.10.2020

FinnBuild 20207.10.2020 - 9.10.2020 - Messukeskus, Helsinki

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Tiistai 13.10.2020

BuildSim Nordic 2020 conference13.10.2020 - 14.10.2020 - Oslo, Norway

You are cordially invited to participate in the BuildSim Nordic 2020 conference organized in cooperation between the Nordic chapter of IBPSA, OsloMet University in Oslo and the Norwegian Society of HVAC Engineers (NORVAC). The event is open for members and non-members of IBPSA-Nordic. Any research related to building simulation, including system design, HVAC, energy production/use, indoor climate and environmental issues, is eligible to be presented at the event.
IBPSA-Nordic is a regional affiliate of IBPSA, the International Building Performance Simulation Association. The BuildSim Nordic 2020 conference will be the first in the series of events with the long term objective to establish a key biannual international conference in building performance simulation, with a strong focus on Nordic countries. The purpose is to create a platform for exchanging of ideas, issues and research findings that facilities international collaboration and the meeting of minds between practitioners, researchers and students.

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Sunnuntai 10.1.2021

Climamed 202010.1.2021 - 12.1.2021 - Lisbon, Portugal

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Sunnuntai 14.2.2021

Roomvent 2020 - new dates14.2.2021 - 17.2.2021 - Torino, Italy

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Sunnuntai 18.4.2021

Cold Climate HVAC & Energy 202118.4.2021 - 21.4.2021 - Tallinn, Estonia

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Sunnuntai 15.5.2022

CLIMA 202215.5.2022 - 18.5.2022 - Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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